The Ocean(part 4): Horizon

Lying here

In acquaitance to

The harboring seas

That accompany me

I found myself some company.


             Deconstruction of



             With the wave’s

             That swell free,

             How swell to be.

This swollen structure

Has run it’s course

And letting go

Should be the source,

But I can’t forget

Without remorse,

The pain in my chest

Pressured the rest,

Harder to say goodbyes

With sentimental eyes.

                               Danger on the Horizon

                               Landmark where fate lies in,

                               I found my company with this,

                               The dream of perfect bliss

           Happiness from sorrow

           Is the curse of tomorrow,

           And all the time borrowed

           How do I find so much glow.

But I look out to the rainbow

And what I find just won’t glow,

It just sits there on the Horizon

Waiting for me to go.


The Ocean(part 3): SEAGULLS


Fried brain cells endured storm cells,
clumped sand dwells in my mind oh pellmell

Oh Majesty

how you destroyed me

Oh tragedy

how you battered me

what mattered to me
seems like disease in the factory.

My eyes seep
through wave-torn floorboards
digging further past the moment,
past nauseum of battle
past the waiting of fate,
sinking deeper in the abyss,
neurosis swirls
through these currents,
as I hit the bottom
and see the monsters roam
the dark sea
and through the dark

they see,
and through the dark

they see.




This house I built packaged,
will wilt by tidal wreckage
it carries my title
of pride and possession
a lesson of swells
make the tale
no so swell.

Harder collision
peeling off wallpaper,
my pretentions
molded into mildew
I do feel too,
and think blue
my actions in agitation


The Ocean (Part 2): Coupe De Grace


This house I built packaged,
will wilt by tidal wreckage
it carries my title
of pride and possession
a lesson of swells
make the tale
no so swell.

                       Harder collision
                       peeling off wallpaper,
                       my pretentions
                       molded into mildew
                       I do feel too,
                       and think blue
                       my actions in agitation
                       leave ruin
                       to this foundation.

               Humid and tepid
               Heightened numbness
               from too much awareness,
               A carelessness
               of caring endless

The attic spills
into the hallways
and so many memories
that once held shelter to me
as I, them,
wash away
as they wade,
from contruct and me
to a world of lonely rough sea,
I have nothing now.

                      My head upon the bed,
                      it rocks like a cradle,
                      the oceanic arms
                      grappling me with such force,
                      tears I spill over
                      these troubling times
                      swivel like pendulums
                      in the sheets of my past,
                      my, present, my future.




Rooftop and mind
bells ringing
in echoes of 3
surrender to the sea
abound with turmoil
encapsulated with
grief, the loss of my home,
the loss of everything

                        What’s known is never unknowable


The Ocean (Part 1): Surge

It’s magnitude crackles of behemoth sound,
rocks cradles of truth round

I crash on shores of careening depression cliff-side dive into…

A conch shell loophole, don’t make waves just ride them thru…

Empty hope

a mast thru eternity,

a fact written eternally.


Cool wind blows,
my lips, they shiver in the cold,
resistance in the death
of the nightly murder
slowly unfolds

Heightened awareness
the rage inside,
screams through my eyes
I’ve got some demons
with no pride,
I push on potential
to make this mayhem torrential
I got a bat in my hand
just wait understand my plan
I break, you break,
we all break at some point,
Whips at my back
make me scream Tobey at some point,
and then I hear it as clear
as the ringing in my ear,
I’ll make em fear me,
before they ever get near me.

Break shit,
Demolish it,
Go ahead and take it,
The columns read
Im a lunatic

Face it,
you’ll never be one of them
So Basic-ly
you’ll never be as dumb as them


I’ll split your cranium, foe
this that titanium, flow
this that titanium glow,
got my uranium, blow
your fucking stadium up, no
I don’t baby em, fuck no,
Im castratin em buzzoes,
leave em impotent, no bones

These niggas weak up in these streets
wanna talk but aint got no goals

You think you R.E.X.
You bitches aint got no assets

You steady lookin vexed
I guess the world got you hexed
Brilliant minds think alike
That’s why mind is so divine
I got that butter, that wasabi
spread the green
in all my hobbies
convection of the highest order
wealth, mind, soul, and body
Holy Male Africana
there aint another like me

Crank up the volume
turn up the heat
increase the diaspora, bruh
this city is weak

Social Make-up of the masses
got you taken classes
gettin your bustle on
but never your hustle on

I take a step back
and then I shake my ass crack
Imm havin fun cuz Im finally free
freedom in a caged world,
there’s nothing better to see

Boy how time flies,
when money goes right,
got chips and dipping in that white
man Im on the flight
while you in that ride
u ridin on fumes hatin my life
looks better than yours
and yes of course
Im sinkin holes like 18 coursee
Im Tiger Woods to your Michelson
Im flying with pros you’ll never be one

I’m fuckin gone,
passed the point of no return
Im burnin in the flames
of all the hate that I earned.

Kill time,
kill the rhyme,
you thirsty bitches
took a sip and now you cryin,
learn hold to it down,
like the GOP
be holdin down,
oppressin muthafukas that
b like me.

Drink the elixir,
evolve even quicker,
salute to the winner,
When I look up in the mirror,
Imma CEO won’t bother to share-hold
my cash flows
in a river of bank rolls,

tumblin out my wallet
to turnin a profit,
you turn ur head
tyrna see how I got it

See the future,
make a  profit,

Im the best in the west,
in the south north pole,
to the eastside stealin
that harlem flow,
I got you  muthafuckas
frozen in time,
I’m cold,
red light green light,
seeein green I go.
Money on the scene,
netflix networth,
enough to make a muthafuka
jump headfirst,
Im explosive,
so corrosive, nitro-glycerin
time to blow it,
you know it



King Kong
through the song
feed on
we that next level shit,
that new heavy metal shit,
shreddin through speakers
like some shrapnel in battle shit
sinkin your battle ship
laughin at casualties and wounded
I’ll slice you fuckas
with my samurai sword
to my own accord
solar plexes split from 1
right into fourths
Spit math on the board
the bored only walk
I walk and I talk
turn bitches to salt
you salty niggas spittin salt
your wounds that’s why you can’t talk
My mouth is my vault
my words are my gold
meets beauty with bold
I do what I know
You don’t know where to go
you wanna hold
you holding on to the past bitch let it go

Reigning supreme
I decimated all my haters
Geek on the scene
lights camera action,
blow the stage up
Fuckin fakers in the city
of LA,

the city in my way,
I’ll bulldose over
serial K,
Ka-ka-killer, thriller
I’m back from the dead,
alive and well,
my money talks
better than shit you said,
so keep on talkin
and walkin up on the pavement
while roll up in
my Tesla fueled
by the hate you sparking

Hey ma,
you looking at a Bastard
Guess what
Im that fuckin Bastard
you niggas won’t go faster,
Dolarian push faster

I got my money honey,
dumby if you aint got the cake,
They wanna Marie Antoinnette
I guess this is my fate,
walk around like Sleepy Hollow
meets Shaka ZulU, You dead at the stake
Then I stitch my head back together
look better than ever, Dorian Grey
Then I think, hmmmmmmm
I’m illest muthafucka alive,
you better watch the throne
if you wanna survive,
Certified, Im beamin
like wi-fi,
streamin through the your speakers,
through your tvs
like Eagle Eye
Homeland Security,
couldn’t grab a hold of me,
NSA fear me
can you hear me


Mega Magnetic
when I wanna get it
get the rush from the heart
up to where the head is
sweet like a diabetic
candy-crush heart
man I crush hard
grindin-up restart,
restart, put my good pants,
with good dance song
I’ll be dancing all alone,
but maybe this shy-guy
finds the right eye
to pass by
maybe give a wink, worth a try

Hey you and I-I-I
No left, we ri-i-ight
Keep calm colli-i-ide
We one toni-i-ight

Hey you and I-I-I
So strong we fi-i-ight
want some toni-i-ight
some in the ni-i-ight

1,2,3, drinks help think straight
4,5,6, drinks make me levitate
7,8,9,10 drinks and I can’t think,
feelin low in the light
another repeat,
another night when my heart sinks
to the 4 to the floor beat,
I thought love and I could meet-meet
Text back from your phone
prayin that I make it home,
made me feel so lucky
cuz I wasn’t all alone


Drunk in my bed
Im drunk from the night
wifi signals
beamin hope to the satellites
Im so “Entendre” Never do what I want,
always do what I say, hey
"Yo soy Puta Madre"
Im the muthafucka pourin tears in my cup
not givin a fuck
irony ironing out all the pain,
in my mainframe
I reboot, laugh it off in the rain,
I soak up the fun, I soak up the numb
I soak up the lonely, lookin for someone,
hand to the gun, gun to the brain
need someone to hold me,
to try to to maintain
so I dance dance, Imma Fall Out Boy
to the rythym to the beat, year The real McCoy
authentic moves givin me all the pleasure
I’ll dance all alone to my own leisure


Dip dip it low low
boy bring them hips low
now make that ass clap
then move it to the floor

(Bounce x8)

Gettin psychotic
my mind can’t take no more
so I head to my dancehall fantasy
4 to the floor

We in that cut
we gettin loco
Drunk from my cup
filled with 4loko
oh no
Pussy and booty pop-poppin
up on the floor
sweat keeps on droppin
We gettin grime
fuck the 5-0 po-po


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